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Founder and director, Jennifer Land, has rescued many animals in her lifetime but in September 2013 a little, scruffy dog crossed her path (literally) that would change everything.  Stranded and alone out in a rural area of the county for over a month, Monroe fled from those who were trying to help her.  Jennifer worked relentlessly over 9 days and finally after much baiting and in one swift movement, she grabbed Monroe to safety.


Monroe was, and continues to be, a work in progress.  She was so fearful of everything in the beginning and still has minor setbacks.  She has battled her fears with courage and taken on the fight to defeat heartworms as well.  Most importantly, she found a home.

She is a sweet, sassy, scruffy pup who lives happily now with Jennifer, her canine brothers, Monty & Chester, and several feline and equine siblings as well.  With much love and attention, Monroe learns new things every day and has continued to become more comfortable and confident in her surroundings.  She’s made such progress and even had her TV debut in January 2015 and has been a guest at several local meetings, schools and events.

In the time that has passed since that fateful day of rescue, Monroe (named for the road on which she was found) has inspired not only Jennifer, but others to help animals in need in our community.

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