Guess who is now, after NINE LONG and transitional months, finally home…



I received a message just a short time ago with the following message, “… I feel sure Sunny (now Sunny Copper) has found his home… we love him. He likes it here a lot.”

My heart swelled three times bigger upon hearing such news. Lots of prayers and good wishes and tears have been dispensed on his behalf over this last year.

I love this dog. I have said that before and I’ll probably tell you all again sometime. And it just took some effort and patience (especially on Sunny’s part) to find him the perfect family where both were a perfect fit for each other.

We will be staying in touch with them because first, they are a friend of Monroe’s Mighty Mission and now family too… and second, there are still a few small things we will be supporting the family with as Sunny learns a little better some important lessons to keep him safe and happy and healthy. But he now has a family who loves him so very much and are willing to help him be the best dog he can possibly be.

I simply could not be happier. I told this family they made my month… in all reality, they have most likely made my year.

I have always said that love delivers. Always. Never failing. We even use that as our tag line for Monroe’s Mighty Mission because there are no truer words for describing this life and what we try to do each and every day with our friends in need throughout our community. Sometimes though, as life goes, we can often wonder if that is really true. When love doesn’t deliver quickly or when we think it should or when it gets really difficult and seemingly impossible. We can question the validity of our own tag line…

In Sunny’s case, the timing and the situations were all wrong for him. Love wasn’t yet ready to deliver anything for him because it knew better. Love delivers in it’s own time, in it’s own way… for the best possible circumstances and outcomes.

Today is the day though that Love delivered something very special for this very special dog. Love delivered stability to sweet, sweet Sunny Copper. It delivered a reward for his own patience, his own struggles. It delivered a beautiful family with wonderful children to play with, grandparents to spoil him, parents to help him learn and canine siblings to care for. It delivered a fantastic farm to explore with all it’s sights and smells, a small pond to swim in, pastures to romp around in, and open space to run to his heart’s content. It delivered a home where he’s allowed to live inside and sleep in beds and cuddle on the couch and stay warm and dry. It delivered fun outings and joy rides in the car to pick up kids from school and other activities.

Love delivered a home… a home full of lots of hugs and lots of love…

Love delivers.

Sunny's Home

Sunny’s Home

I am simply in awe. I want to thank each of you for your love and concern over sweet Sunny Copper. For helping us share him, for sending your good thoughts his way. For helping us brainstorm about ways to help him find and keep a home. You all have no idea how much I appreciate it and love you all for it.

I told this family when I dropped him off this past weekend that Sunny shouldn’t be homeless, he had too big of a fan club to be homeless…

No longer homeless but the fan club I’m sure will remain. I know I will love him forever and cannot wait to visit him from time to time and give him lots of love myself.

And I must thank this wonderful family for falling in love with him so quickly, for understanding his needs, for being willing to spend a little time with such a lovely dog who just needs people and for bringing out the best in him. You are all a blessing!

So sweet Sunny, welcome home boy. May your years be filled with nothing but happiness and fun and carefree days from here on out, you seriously deserve nothing less. Happy beginnings for this precious soul and his new family.

With Monroe’s thankful heart,