On September 22, Monroe’s Mighty Mission (MMM) was awarded a grant by the Hub City Animal Project!

With the funds of this grant, MMM will focus on deepening our relationship with Mobile Meals of Spartanburg by offering second-tier services to their recipients who participate in their Companion Pet program. MMM has been providing on average about 700 lbs. of pet food each month to this program to help Mobile Meals continue this service to their families.

Second-tier services are considered to be offering help with spay/neuter surgeries, annual vaccinations, minor healthcare that will help improve the pets’ overall state of well-being and comfort, and supplies that they may need to be fully able to care for their pet. MMM will work with Mobile Meals to identify the families that will benefit from this extra assistance.

We are excited about this announcement and are tremendously thankful to the Hub City Animal Project for their support of Monroe’s Mighty Mission! More to come as we put these dollars to work…

With Monroe’s thankful heart,