Monroe’s Mighty Mission has many volunteer opportunities for all ages. We appreciate your interest in our organization and look forward to you joining our team.

Volunteer Opportunities


We are in need of fosters to help keep families together.  Through our PATCH program, we provide short-term (and sometimes long-term) foster care for pets in situations where the family is displaced from their home or have a temporary need that prevents them from being able to care for their furry family member.  If you open your home to one of these pets, you keep a family together in the long-term and you save a life by preventing surrender to a shelter.

Fundraising & Events

We are always planning and seeking assistance with fundraising and will be needing volunteers to help out at future events.

Bag & Tag

Once a month we re-bag pet food from large bags to smaller bags in order to give to our Mobile Meals partners as well as others in the community.  Volunteers need to be at least 10 years old to participate and we need individuals who can lift up to 50 lbs bags of pet food and can move and load vehicles with repackaged bags.

Pet Food Pickup & Delivery

We are looking to expand our corporate sponsors and food drop off points.  If you know of a business who would like to sponsor food or would be willing to serve as a public drop off point, please let us know.  We will also need individuals who are willing to drive to pick up the contributions and deliver them to our main storage facility periodically.

There will also be times we need help delivering pet food and supplies to our recipients and foster families.

Pet Transport

Our services provide veterinary care to many animals and we often have to move pets from one home to another in foster and adoption situations.  We need individuals who are willing to transport animals to and from these services.

Spread Monroe’s Message

Please share our message with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc… to help spread the word.  We cannot help without generous hearts contributing from our community.