Monroe’s Message

Monroe’s Mighty Mission is a member of the Let ’em Live Upstate Coalition.  For both organizations, we have identified education as a key to improving the quality of life for many pets, both ones in homes and the homeless pets that fill our shelters and rescues.

Monroe’s Message is about saving lives, creating a community that cares, and helping pet owners learn the best things they can do for their pets to provide them with a healthy, happy life.

Some of our primary focus points are:

Adopt, don’t shop – There are many wonderful pets that can be found at your local shelter or rescue.  Buying a pet from a breeder should be carefully considered as there are not many regulations governing the breeders here locally which can result in over-breeding of parent animals, sick offspring with a myriad of life-long health issues, and an increase in pets that are dumped in shelters.

Spay & Neuter – It is no secret there is a pet overpopulation issue in our area.  By spaying and neutering your pet you not only help ease that problem for our community, but you also save your pet from health issues resulting from complications of breeding, keeping reproductive organs intact (such as certain cancers), and you lower the chances of animals feeling the need to roam away from home, pets becoming aggressive and/or fighting.

And our very own Five-point Freedom Plan – We believe an animal is not truly happy unless they are living in freedom.  Freedom from: fear, chains, parasites, hunger and suffering.  Monroe’s Mighty Mission works to help animals live in Freedom according to our five points.  We address these concerns with families to help them better understand the needs of their pet.