Monroe’s Mighty Mission is growing fast!
We are expanding our Pet Food Pantry operations
and could use your help.

What we could use:

  • Storage, storage, storage. We need a place to store the pet food and supplies when we stock up and also use as a packing facility for redistribution.  So we are looking for a donation of use or very low cost rental for 1,000-1,500 sq. ft. of warehouse space that can be accessed on nights and weekends.

    *As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, any donation of use for this kind of space is a tax-deductible gift for businesses, leasing agents, and individuals.


    Delivery to Mobile Meals

    Delivery to Mobile Meals

  • Public Food Drop Locations. We would love to partner with local, small businesses all over Spartanburg County to serve as pet food and supply drop off locations for the public.  Free advertising would be a great bonus!  See our current list of drop off locations.


  • Two 8 ft. durable plastic folding tables


  • Three 18 gallon/72 qt. storage bins


  • Continual Need, Packing Tape – Sized 1.88 in. wide & 54.6 yds. Length


  • Continual Financial Sponsorship Opportunities to help with truck rental expenses


  •  As always, pet food and supply donations are always welcome

Printable flyer

Contact Monroe’s Mighty Mission if you are interested
in being a part of this exciting move forward!
864-381-7740   |   |   Find us on Facebook